Jessica Rose Creative is based in Perth, Western Australia, and offers you a diverse range of creative services ; from furnishing and decorating your home or corporate space, to styling your next event, or providing visual communication tools for your business. My name is Jessica Kidner, and i am the founder of this company. After completing a Bachelor of Mass Communication with a double major in Journalism and Creative Writing, and a Minor in Public Relations, I knew I wasn't quite done learning, and my need to create wasn't entirely filled. So i took on my Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration through Mercer School of Interior Design.
Here i learnt that my eye for detail, love of styling and my creative side all came together to provide me with the opportunity to produce beautiful events, inspired spaces and effective business solutions that made both myself and those that I was working with truly happy. I offer each service with a guarantee that my heart and soul goes into every project i enter into, and that includes collaborations with other small businesses. I love working alongside other innovative minds, and encourage you to contact me with any collab ideas you may have.
Please visit my social media pages to get a feel for where i derive my inspiration from, what projects I am currently working on, and what a day in the life of this little Perth business looks like. I look forward to working with you.
  Jessica Rose Kidner
Founder of Jessica Rose Creative