My qualifications will tell you that i am an Interior Designer and Decorator, a Writer, and a Merchansider. A two minute conversation with me will tell you that i am a creator. 

My style is eclectic. I love to mix masculine with shades of pink, i love contrasting textures, and i can never go past a good vintage find. 

The basis of eclecticism is to step outside the traditional paradigms of design and create something that is unique - that is you. When working with interiors, there is nothing more important to me than ensuring that your home reflects you, and the life you lead. 

My business is much like my style - it's eclectic. I offer a range of creative services, that have been derived from my unusual mix of studies over the years. Each of them allow me to work with wonderful people in creating spaces and moments that make them truly happy.

JRC is made up of me, and a couple of casual kick arse assistants that share my visions, understand my perfectionism, and love styling as much as i do.

Need a to know a little more about me? Let's get to the nitty gritty:

  • Coffee is a necessity
  • Books over TV 
  • Bulldogs make the best of friends
  • Nothing feels better than busting out a bit of Biggie 
  • Chocolate shouldn't come with calories
  • Mum life is the best life (depending on which day you ask me)
  • The self control required to not eat anything off of the grazing tables is REAL 
  • Vintage is always in
  • Wine fuels the creative process
  • If it's any shade of blush, i want it
  • Fresh flowers and house plants ALWAYS
  • Dry humour is the best humour
  • Yes, i am indeed tall, and no, the weather is not different up here.